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World's Oldest Wedding Cake

113-Year-Old Pastry Has Outlived All Marriages


Here's a wedding cake that's in better condition that most marriages -- and it's lasted longer than all of them.
World's Oldest Wedding Cake

World's Oldest Wedding Cake

Hampshire County (U.K.) Council
This cake was baked back in 1898 for display in a baker's window, making it the world's oldest intact wedding cake.

Here's how old the cake is: The store that displayed it, C H Philpott in Basingstoke, has been out of business for more than 46 years.

The cake was kept in an attic for most of the time, where the sugars began to seep through -- giving it the less-than-pure shade of brown it now has.

It also suffered a crack during World War II bombings, and has had a little restoration work done to prevent it from falling apart.

But tests have shown that the cake, now on display at the Willis Museum in Hampshire, is still moist on the inside.

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