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World's Most Tattooed Woman Shows Off Her Body of Art


I've done a lot of "colorful" stories over the years, but none of them can top this one.
Julia Gnuse, the World's Most Tattoeed Woman

Julia Gnuse, the World's Most Tattooed Woman

Buck Wolf
Meet Julia Gnuse, the world's most tattooed woman. Julia has 95 percent of her body covered in art, with images of everyone from the Beatles to the cast of Bewitched.

As I wrote at AOL News, the 55-year-old Californian has more than 400 tattoos -- including ink on her most private of parts.

In fact, there's only one place she's not covered: her feet.

Gnuse says she suffers from porphyria, a skin disorder similar to lupus. Sunlight can cause scars and spots that look like burns. So she decided to cover the marks with art.

She began visiting a tattoo artist every week, and two decades later she's now tops in ink -- a mark she officially shares with Krystyne Kolorful, a Canadian exotic dancer.

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