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Kelly Ripa Stomps on the Record Book

TV Host Crushes the Mark on Grapes


Now I know why Regis is retiring -- he's terrified of Kelly Ripa!
Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa

Huffington Post
The longtime co-host of Live! let her aggressive side show during a recent attempt at an unusual world record: grape stomping.

Decked out in her finest St. Pauli Girl attire, Ripa attempted to set the mark for "Most Grapes Trodden in One Minute" on live television, and I was there to take it all in. She actually succeeded, too -- but with a catch: So did her counterpart, Germany's Martina Servaty... who just so happens to be the previous record holder.

And when every last drop of grape goo was measured, she was declared the new record-holder as well, breaking the old mark of 5.4 liters.

Ripa says she'll try again next year.

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