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Elain Davidson: Human Pincushion

World's Most Heavily Pierced Woman


In early 2009, Guinness World Records certified that Brazilian-born nurse Elaine Davidson sported 6,005 piercings, including 1,500 that are internal.

The Brazilian-born nurse earned the "Most Heavily Pierced" title in 2000, when she had a mere 462 pieces of hardware on her body, 192 just on her face.

Here are some shots of the entertainer, who now lives in Britain.

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Elaine DavidsonAn Unforgettable SmileElaine Davidson, World's Most Pierced WomanNurse from Brazil Becomes Ripley's StarElaine Davidson, World's Most Pierced WomanExtreme Body ModificationElaine Davidson, World's Most Pierced WomanGuinness World Record Holder
Elaine Davidson, World's Most Pierced WomanMore than 1,500 Internal PiercingHuman Pincushion, Elaine Davidson, Piercing, Body Piercing, Extreme body modification, Brazil Nurse,Fetish GlamorElaine Davidson, World's Most Pierced WomanA Woman of Style
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