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Weird News Photos

You want cute, cuddly animals? Competitive eaters stuffing their faces? Nude protesters? And wacky flying machines that just barely get off the ground? We've got 'em!

World's Biggest Testicles: Meet the Man With the 132-Pound Scrotum

Reverse Santa: Meet the Claus That Sits on YOUR Lap
What's better than sitting in Santa's lap? A pint-sized Santa that can sit in yours. Meet the "Reverse Santa" here.

How'd That Get Up Your Butt? X-Rays of Strange Objects Stuck in Rectums

The Totally Bizarre Human Body
From a woman with 19 feet of hair to the man with the longest tongue, see how strange the human body can be.

Nearly Naked People in Winter Swims
Around the world, crazy people mark the holidays and New Year by tearing off their clothes and jumping into freezing water. See it all here.

Robosaurus: The Robot Dinosaur That Eats Cars at Every Meal
What does a 40-foot-tall robot dinosaur eat? Anything it wants... but mostly cars. Get up close and personal with Robosaurus, the $5 million two-decade, two-continent festival sensation.

Good Enough to Eat: Chocolate Dresses Make Women Sweeter
What could make a woman sweeter? A dress made of chocolate. See these edible fashions in our special photo collection.

World's Biggest Penis: Catching Up With Jonah Falcon
What's it like to have the world's biggest penis? Ask the man who owns it: Jonah Falcon. See Jonah and read about his ups and downs.

Strange Cars and Other Odd Vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show
Every year, the Detroit Auto Show brings us strange new concepts in automotives. See some of the newest oddball cars and concepts along with some real hot rods in our special photo collection.

Zombies and Vampires
Love Vampires? How about zombie? We got 'em both in our special gallery, "Zombies and Vampires."

Super 'Staches & Boffo Beards
Nothing says "Manliness" like a mustache. Buck Wolf's Weird News Central takes a look at great moments in facial hair.

Nude and Naked
It doesn't take much to get some people to shed their clothes... and their inhibitions. See what happens when people drop trou in the most unusual places.

Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Shame
When you commit a dumb crime, you usually look the part. Here's an archive of the most outrageous mug shots and Police photos.

Weird Crime Mug Shots
Mug Shots and Police Photos: When you commit a dumb crime, you usually look the part. About.com's Buck Wolf brings you the most outrageous mug shots and Police photos. Here are mug shots posted from May to August in 2009.

Extreme Body Modification
Some of the world's most tattooed and pierced men and women have turned their bodies into living works of art. See the images of these most unusual human beings.

Camel-Milk Chocolate
There's a new line of chocolate out of the Middle East with a distinctly regional flavor to it. The milk used to make this chocolate comes from camels, creating a first-of-its-kind treat.

Weird Crime Mug Shots
Mug Shots and Police Photos: When you commit a dumb crime, you usually look the part. About.com's Buck Wolf brings you the strangest, most outrageous Funny looking mug shots and police photos. Come back for regular updates.

Geoff Ostling's Head-to-Toe Tattoo Masterpiece
Geoff Ostling is a living piece of art. For 20 years, tattoo artist eX de Medici has been using Ostling's body as a canvas for her work. When he dies, his skin will hang in Australia's National Gallery.

Weeki Wachee Mermaids
Weeki Wachee Mermaids: The world famous mermaids of Weeki Wachee Springs State Park in Florida, known for their grace and beauty for the past 62 years, will be appearing at both Ripley’s aquarium

2008 Weird Crime Mug Shots
A picture is worth a thousand words, but if we're talking about a police mug shot, that might be an understatement. Here's some of the best weird news mugshots for 2008, compiled by About.com's Weird News Guide Buck Wolf

Annual World Grits Festival
Want to see pictures of people jumping into 700 lb. vats of grits? Check out these highlights of the Annual World Grits Festival in St. George, S.C., where contestants compete in the "Rollin in the Grits" contest.

World's Smallest Dog (Maybe)
At six inches long, Tom Thumb is not much bigger than a hamster. But this chihuahua-Jack Russell mix may set the record as the smallest pup on the planet. Guinness World Records intends to measure this mutt, to see if he qualifies as the world's smallest dog.

Ripley's Believe It Or Not
Ripley's Believe It Or Not! has carved a singular history in entertainment history, and its museums are perhaps the single best source for lovers of the bizarre. Here is a look at some of Ripley's recent events and its newest attractions.

Bozo Through the Years
Bozo began as a record album series in the 1940s, and grew into TV shows. Buck Wolf looks at its start with Pinto Colvig and Alan Livingston at Capitol Records, and some of the many great Bozos through the ages, including Vance Colvig Jr. Bill Avruch, Bob Bell, Joey D'Auria and even Willard Scott.

Elain Davidson: Human Pincushion
Take a good look at photos of Elaine Davidson, the world's most heavily pierced woman. As of 2009, this Brazilian-born nurse sported more than 6000 pieces of hardware on her body, including more than 200 on her face.

Sapporo Snow Festival
Every February, more than two million visitors from all over the world come to the Sapporo Snow Festival, as giant ice sculptures and statues line Orori Park and the main streets in Suskino.

Wing Bowl 17
Philadelphia's annual gorge fest, "Wing Bowl" once again displayed the best (and worst) in gastronomic excess.

Obama Inaugural Madness
Let's not pretend to be shocked at the barrage of Barack Obama T-shirts, key chains and coffee mugs. What else do you expect in fast-buck, fad-a-minute America? But the inauguration has taken custom-brand marketing to a whole ridiculous new levels, with Obama condoms, basketball sneakers, and bobblehead dolls.

Elvis Impersonators on Parade
You don't have to be a fat white man to imitate Elvis Presley. The army of Elvis Tribute Artists -- or ETAs -- include Black, Gay, and Hawaiian Elvii (or Elvum, or Elvi, or Elvises).

Nazi Garden Gnomes
With a "Heil Hitler" salute, 1,000 of sinister garden gnomes rally in German artist Ottmar Hori's installation, entitled, ">Dance of/with the Devil." The show, part of Belgium's Flanders Expo - Line Art Exhibition, opened Dec. 5, in Ghent.

Naked Clown Meets Naked Cowboy
San Francisco's Naked Clown and New York City's Naked Cowboy met in Times Square, as Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange and former 'N Sync star Joey Fatone watched.

Strange New Products
Photos of Strange New Products

Weird Fashion
Weird Fashion

Banksy's Chicken Nugget Art
At the "Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill" artists Banksy looks at hot dogs and chicken nuggets in their native environment.

Snake Massage
Snake Massage: At Ada Barak's spa in northern Israel, snakes don't give people the creeps. They give deep-tissue massages. King and corn snakes are laid on people's backs, and for $80, they'll wriggle the kinks out of your spine.

Phuket Island Vegetarian Festival
Phuket Island Vegetarian Festival: Thailand's Vegetarian Festival traces its roots back to the early 1800s when miners began piercing their tongues, cheeks (and other parts of their body) to chase away evil spirits and bring good luck to the community.

Naked Clown Calendar
Naked Clown Calendar: San Francisco's Clown Conservatory is launching the Naked Clown Calendar to raise money for multiple sclerosis. The Class of 2008 was inspired by co-founder Judy Finelli.

New World Records
New World Records: Here's a ongoing look at biggest, hairiest, latest, greatest world records, from the fattest man to the tallest woman. Keep up with humanity's quest to reach new heights . . . and depths.

David Blaine's Greatest Stunts
David Blaine's Greatest Stunts: Here's a look at David Blaine's greatest stunts and record-setting achievements. Among his achievements: "Buried Alive" at Trump Place, "Frozen in Time" at New York's Times Square, "Vertigo" at Bryant Park, "Above the Below" at London's Tower Bridge, "Drowned Alive" at Lincoln Center and the "Dive of Death" over...

Ohara Hadaka (Naked) Festival
Ohara Hadaka (Naked) Festival: Thousands of naked Japanese men carry ten portable shrines into the sea as part of the Ohara Hadaka Festival. It is all part of an ancient Shinto ritual that is meant to bring an abundant crop and prosperity to the townfolk.

Cosmopolitan Neutrogena Underwater Fashion Show
Underwater Fashion Show: Australian fashion plummeted to new depths at the Cosmopolitan Neutrogena Underwater Fashion Show. Forget SCUBA gear, models wore the fancy couture. But instead of strutting down a catwalk, they plunged into a nine-foot deep tank. Australian stars Kristian Schmid of "Sea Patrol," Jamie Wright, and "Biggest Loser" Trainer Shannan Ponton, took part in the show.

Body Gras
Body Gras: Humans have been painting their bodies since they've been cave dwellers, and this Canadian festival takes this ancient art to a whole new sexy level. The two-day championship in Nanimo, B.C. features hundreds of artists and nude models.

Attack of the 50-Foot Spider
You probably thought the Beatles would be the biggest insects-in-name-only to come out of Liverpool. Now, we find a three-story mechanical arachnid scuttling across one of Liverpool's biggest buildings. Like John, Paul, George and Ringo, this spider is bent on stardom.

World Body Festival
World Bodypainting Festival: Some say body painting is the oldest form of art. In the last dozen years, with a growing acceptance of nude and naked performance, the World Bodypainting Festival has attracted thousands of people. The event began in 1996 in Austria. Here are highlights of the first South Korean competition.

Weird Photos From the Republican Convention
Strange Photos from the Republican Convention: Bizarre images from the Republican Convention, from convention goers in silly outfits to wild protests.

Bizarre Democratic Convention Photos
Democratic Convention Hats: Want a reason to stay out of politics? The outfits -- at least the ones worn by the true believers to the national conventions -- are absurd. Check out what supporters of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other Democrats wore in Denver.

Boobs on Bikes Parade
Boobs on Bikes Parade: Traffic in New Zealand's busiest city ground to a hault as 100,000 spectators watched the annual "Boobs on Bikes Parade." It's all part of Auckland's "Erotica Expo," Organized by pornographer Steve Crow. A few dozen protesters met the parade revelers, but they were far outnumberd by the men hanging on trees and snapping photos of topless porn stars.

Hell's Angels Bulldog Bash
Hell's Angels Bulldog Bash: More than 50,000 people -- including Hell's Angels from all over the world -- for what has become Europe's No. 1 motorcycle festival. At the Shakespeare County Raceway in England, you'll find drag racing, "Wall of Death" stunt riding, Wet T-shirt contests and a topless bike wash.

Coney Island Waterboarding Thrill Ride - Torture and Satire on Coney Island
Waterboarding Thrill Ride at Coney Island: Steve Powers created a Coney Island attraction called the "Waterboard Thrill Ride." It's not really a ride, it's more of a peep show. And it turns one of the most controversial topics of the day, and plays it for satire

George Bush: America's First Fan
President Bush at Olympic Games: Every politician has tried to pass himself off as a sports-loving regular guy. President Bush might be lacking in other areas, but nobody doubts that he loves sports as much as he love the flag. Here he is with Mitt Romney, First Lady Laura and daughter Barbara at China's National Aquatics Center.

Bizarre Olympic Photos
From the goofy souvenirs, to snacks -- like seahorse-on-a-stick -- that might take Westerners by surprise, the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing promise to be full of unforgettable surprises. Here are some of the strangest images from the games.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
The biggest, craziest, most diverse arts festival in the world -- the Edinburgh Fringe Festival -- kicks off in August. In 2008, 18,000 artists will perform at 247 venues in the Scottish city -- and some of the acts are so strange, the defy description.

Weird Animal Photos
Weird Animal Photos: Cute kitties, adorable puppies, hero pets, you'll find it all here.

Weird Crime Mug Shots
When you commit a dumb crime, you usually look the part. Here's a look at police mugshots from some of the strangest crimes on record.

A Look at Weird Art
One man's trash is another man's treasure, and that old adage couldn't be more appropriate as we look at the wonderful world of weird art from around the world. Some of it is surely among the most thought provoking exhibits in the world today -- and some is just downright peculiar.

Kids Juggle Fire (and Clown Around) at the Circus City Festival
Would you let your kids play with fire? They do in Peru, Ind., the home of the Circus City Festival, in which 250 local kids, ages 7 to 21, fly from the trapeze, walk the high wire, and, yes, juggle fiery batons.

Outrageous Protest
How better to express your outrage than to dress outrageously -- or not dress at all? Here's a look at protesters who dress as orangutans, superheroes, and deep sea divers -- and some who protest in the raw.

Coney Island Mermaid Ends Hunger Strike
Coney Island's annual Mermaid Parade once again brought a colorful assortment of free-thinking -- and free-freaking -- New Yorkers. But 2008's parade was a bit different. With the city mulling radical redevelopment plans, the King and Queen of this years parade -- performance artists "Rev. Billy" Tallen and Savitri D. -- led protests to the project. They say the proposed shopping center, high-rise apartment building and condos would forever change this seaside resort.

Ugliest Dog Contest Won by One-Eyed, Three-Legged Dog
Jeanenne Teed of St. Petersburg, Florida holds her one-eyed, three legged Chinese Crested dog named Gus before the start of the 20th Annual Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair June 20, 2008 in Petaluma, California. Owners of ugly dogs travel to Petaluma from all over the country to participate in the annual competition.

Ripley's 'Weirdest Party in Texas'
Ripley's San Antonio Odditorium -- the biggest and strangest Ripley's museum -- reopened in May -- with the "Weirdest Party in Texas." And while it's tempting to say that Ripley's publicists are shamelessly boasting to ballyhoo their new attraction, you're seldom going to see a fiesta like this.

Weird Photo Extravaganza
You want cute, cuddly animals? Competitive eaters stuffing their faces? Nude protesters? And wacky flying machines that just barely get off the ground? We've got 'em!

Competitive Eaters in Action
Take a look at photos of the world's top competitive eaters in action.

World Naked Bike Race
Want to let people know the harm their gas-burning motor vehicles do to Mother Earth? Why not strip down to the bare essentials, throw on some body paint and jump on your bike?

Toilet Seat Art
Want to see some of the most unusual toilet seats on earth? Stagecrafters, a not-for-profit community theater in Royal Oaks, MI, created these beauties as a fundraiser.

Frosted Flake Sells on eBay for $1,350
A Frosted Flake shaped like Illinois sells on ebay for $1,350 to Jon Wolf of Triviamania.com.

The World's Top 10 Competitive Eaters
Here are the rankings of the top eaters in the world as ranked by the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE). reining

Hot Shots: The Best of the Best
You want a good reason to gawk at cute animals, homemade flying machines, unusual protests and barroom mayhem? We've taken a little of this, a little of that, and put it all together for a rockin' good time.

Celebrity Mug Shots
A picture is worth a thousand words. But when a police officer is taking a mug shot of someone famous, that figure expands exponentially.

Coney Island Sideshow School
Looking for a new career? The Coney Island sideshow school is holding classes in fire eating, sword swallowing and broken glass walking. You can even learn how to hammer nails into your head.

Buck Wolf -
Buck Wolf's Unusual Friends, Weird News, Jonah Falcon, Takeru Kobayashi

Foodscapes: Edible Works of Art
A British photographer has a knack for turning ordinary food into incredible works of art the resemble landscapes and seascapes. See some of the best in this spectacular photo gallery.


Uta Kohuka
Uta Kohuka, Japanese porn actress

Streakers Of The Year... So Far
A streaker is grabbed.

This Week In Weird News June 27 2014
The "Finding Bigfoot" team turns up photo evidence of a Sasquatch taken with thermal imagery.

This Month In Weird Record Attempts
An attempt at breaking the record for the world's largest boxing lesson.

This Week In Weird News July 26 2014
A video shows two minutes of Disney characters falling down in the company's theme parks.

This Week In Weird: Piano Dog, Fire Challenge Gone Wrong And Drug Flush
See a human-dog hybrid playing the waltz on a keyboard.

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