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Weird Women's Issues: Weird News for (and About) Women

From Feminism to Fashion, Weird News That Affect Women


Women need weird news the way a fish needs a bicycle, but some of them just like it that way.

Woman Says: 'My Vagina Fell Out'

Courtesy Allison Henry
A brave woman comes forward with a health horror, after suffering a case of severe vaginal prolapse.

Vagina Pill Smuggling

Alexis Fetherbert 2009 Mug Shot
Photo courtesy St. Lucie County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office
A 32-year-old woman in Florida allegedly hid a bottle of oxycodone in a place only a woman could hide it. Authorities only caught her with the contraband after taking an x-ray of her crotch.

Protect Your Vajayjay

Va J-J Visor
Va J-J Visor
In this age of equality, it was only a mater of time before women had protective cups to guard their crotches, just like men. Let me introduce you to the Va J-J Visor, the latest in feminine protection.

Miracle Bra Deflects Bullet

One lucky woman found out her brassier lifts, separates, and deflects bullets.

It's Official: Octo-Mom Gets TV Deal

Nadya Suleman
Photo courtesy Life & Style magazine
British TV viewers will now get to see Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman "dating, taking the kids to birthday parties" and "learning how to drive a 14-person van." But she won't quite call her television deal a reality TV show.

Octo Mom Could Have Reality TV Deal

Nadya Suleman is preparing to enter the next phase of self-exploitation.

American Breast Sizes Are Getting Bigger

Amy Winehouse
Getty Images
It seems that fashion is going through size inflation. "These days, many women -- to their shock or glee -- are finding that DD is becoming the new C," writes Laura Holson in The New York Times.

Husband Biter Arrested

Apparently, just saying "No" wasn't enough. Charris Bowers of Deltona, Fla., is charged with biting her husband's penis while performing oral sex.

Transgender Man Elected Mayor

Stu Rasmussen for Mayor
Stu Rasmussen for Mayor
You think Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and Sara Palin broke barriers? Meet Stu Rasmussen, who mounted his political comeback in style -- with high heels and breast implants.

Surrogate Mom Gives Birth to Her Own Grandkids

With her son-in-law's sperm and her daughter's egg, a 61-year-old woman became Japan's oldest surrogate mother. And the parents of the child, a healthy little girl, will have quite an interesting story to tell the kid when she gets a little older.
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