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Offbeat Holiday Gifts

'Tis the Season to Stress Out


'Tis the season to smile awkwardly and kiss the relative who gives you the sweater you'll never wear.

If you're looking for out-of-the-ordinary holiday gifts, these items are sure to light a fire under your yule log.

Booze-Dispensing Bra

Wine Rack Bra
You know how people of the opposite sex start to look better when you start drinking? The Wine Rack -- a $30, booze-dispensing bra -- holds bottle and a half of wine and increases a woman's breast by two cup sizes.

Credit Card-Sized Bible

Thanks to state-of-the-art photography, you can now carry all 1,200 pages of the bible in your wallet on what looks like a credit card. For just $6 you can get the Catholic Bible (in Latin) or the King James edition. Each page is reduced more than 250 times, but just as meaningful.

Portable Dog Toilet

Photo © AllPettFurniture.com
With synthetic grass, an easy to clean drainage system and add-ons like "Smell'U'Later odor spray, the Pet-a-Potty is the latest way to clean up after Fido. Toy poodle sizes start at $212 with Great Dane models coming in at $1,099. You can get replacement grass lining because, apparently, with enough usage, even AstroTurf turns yellow.

Aquarium End Table

You might be able to Find Nemo while furnishing your living room. The fish tank end table -- available at AccentFurnitureDirect.com for $389.95 -- is perfect for fans of Deadliest Catch … and sushi lovers.

Knight Rider GPS

Ever want to feel more like David Hasselhoff . . . or at least Michael Knight, his character from Knight Rider? Mio Technologies has introduced a GPS based on the Hoff's '80s talking car TV show. For $260, you'll soon be guided by the original voice of K.I.T.T. the Trans Am.

Candy Wrapper Purse

Candy Wrapper Purse
Photo © Accessories for Living
One man's trash is another woman's handbag. Ecoist introduces a full line of handbags, starting with a $42 clutch, made from 100% repurposed (and artfully woven) candy wrappers, soda labels, and food packages.

Capt. Kirk's Command Chair

CBS Consumer Products
Are you the sort of guy who wants to fire photon torpedoes, open hailing frequencies with strange, new life forms, and sound red alerts when Klingons break inter-planetary treaties? This $2,700 replica of William Shatner's chair from the bridge of the USS Enterprise will warm any nerd's point ears. Warning guys: Don't talk about this on a blind date.

Toilets of the World Calendar

First we go to Incahuasi Island, in Boliva, where we find a potty carved from a giant cactus. If that sounds like fun, take a gander at the anti-gravity john at the New England Air Museum. courtesy of he International Space Station. It compresses poo into "people patties" for safe storage, since no one is certain of the consequences of ejecting solid waste into space.

Toenail Catcher

Don't let stray toenail shrapnel ruin your marriage. This little gizmo -- just $5.99 -- catches those sharp little bits that you don't want your spouse to step on.

Prohibition Celebration

'Tis the season to overindulge, and this year, you can toast the 75th anniversary of the end of Prohibition. The folks at Old Foresters have a line of commemorative products that would tickle any rum runner.

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