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Offbeat Holiday Gifts

'Tis the Season to Stress Out


Giant Croc Pet Bed

Photo © CSNStores.com
Just when you thought the Croc craze was over, the Sasquatch Pet Bed (just under $100) offers pets of various sizes a trendy crib -- and you can even get one that matches your footwear.

Hulk Smash Hands

This is one of those kid toys that might be more fun for adults with anger issues. Hasbro's Hulk Smash Hands ($17) are not only a great excuse to let well padded fists fly. They make those Bruce Banner you-wouldn't-like-me-when-I-get-angry sound effects.

Gourmet Bacon Club

Meat Is Candy
I never thought the day the words "Vanilla Bourbon Bacon" would cross my lips, but when I was luck enough to sample the wares at baconfreak.com, I thanked God my Jewish mother didn't raise me Kosher.

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