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That's Disguisting!

Totally Gross News


Grit your teeth, and get ready to lose your appetite. Then ask yourself, "Why do I enjoy reading these sorts of stories?" (Then again, maybe you don't want to know.)

Hotel Pool Poop Attack

Alleged Poop Throwers
Pinellas County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office

Whatever you do, don't invite these two to your next pool party.

Alleged Amish Sex Crimes

Chester Mast Amish Mug Shot
Pike County (Missouri) Sheriff's Department

There's been a slew of disturbing reports from Amish country, and not the kind that bring in tourists hoping to see how butter is made.

People Kebab: Russian Bums Accused in Bizarre Cannibal Plot

These kebabs are probably not made of people.
Getty Images
We've all had our encounters with mystery meat from street vendors, greasy spoons and other not-so-fine dining establishments. But police in Perm, Russia say three bums butchered and ate a 25-year-old man… then sold their leftovers to a local kiosk that sells kebabs and pies, according to Sky News.

World's Worst Sandwich

A since-terminated sheriff's deputy has pleaded guilty to health-code violations for rubbing a bologna sandwich on an inmate's penis and feeding it to another prisoner at a Franklin County, Ohio, jail. The prank cost him his job, and now he's on probation for it, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

The Hairy Home

A British woman is mixing human hair -- and hair from her dogs -- with lime to build an extension on her historic 16th-century home, according to the Telegraph.

Sneak-Attack Pooper Caught in Iowa

Matthew Sodoma
Fayette County Sheriff's Office
What's worse than a man who does his private potty business in public? A man who then takes that business and plays with it. Matthew Sodoma, 21, is accused of defecating on a sidewalk in Elgin, Iowa, and then smearing his feces all over the door of a community organization.

Damp Laundry

Thomas Schultz 2009 Mug Shot
Sheboygan (Wis.) Sheriff's Office
"Why is my laundry always damp?" a Wisconsin woman kept wondering. She installed security cameras and eventually found her neighbor was coming into her home at odd hours and urinating in her hamper.

Defecating on Mom

Destinie Rechelle Duvall and Patricia Ann Hacker 2009 Police Booking Photos
Bossier (La.) Sheriff's Office
A family fight in Louisiana culminated with a 37-year-old woman defecating on her 62-year-old mother.

Forced to Drink Urine

Joseph Wendell Reid 2009 Booking Photo
Putnam County (Fla.) Jail
This is not something for which you'll get a badge: A 21-year-old volunteer scout leader and three other boy scouts have been accused of forcing a 12-year-old to drink their urine, supposedly because he made a racist remark.

Tongue Bitten Off

Ronald Douglas McGowan Jr. 2009 Mug Shot
Ronald Douglas McGowan Jr. was arrested as he sought emergency treatment, after his tongue was bitten off by a woman he allegedly tried to rape.
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