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Tales Out of School

Weird News From the Classroom


Remember those awkward moments on the school bus? Teachers who made your life miserable? Feelings of alienation on the playground and cafeteria? Times haven't change.

Teacher Fired After Strip Tease

A round, older teacher has lost his job for trying to "look cool" as he stripped in front of his students. Apparently, he wanted to prove he had muscles, according to the Daily Mail. He tore off his shirt, pranced about, and then put it back on. See it all here... if you dare.

Teacher Accused of Vandalizing School

Sumner County (Tennessee) Sheriff's Department
Some teachers will do anything so the kids will think they're cool. Police say Portland teacher Brenda Sue Rawls used sardine juice, condoms and lubricant to vandalize a mini-fridge, a teacher's desk and three lockers.

College Credit for Wii

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Grab your nunchucks and get to class! Hofstra University in New York is giving college credit for playing Wii.

Teacher Turns Into Porn Star

Kids remember Tiffany Shepherd as their biology teacher. Now, she's giving explicit lessons in human reproduction as porn star Leah Lust, according to the New York Daily News. She says she had to turn to porn after losing her teaching job when photos of her on a bikini fishing cruise surfaced.

Creepy Ex-Cop Sneaks Into High School

A 52-year-old man who apparently looks quite a bit younger managed to sneak into a Connecticut high school and fake being a student, according to WFSB. And to think I spent all that time trying to sneak out of high school.

Naked Man on a Rock

Dean Richard Mark 2009 Police Booking Photo
Dean Richard Mark 2009 Mug Shot
Students at Lake Tahoe's Whittell High School found a naked man tied face down to a rock on school property. He told the kids he did not want to be untied and later allegedly told police, "There were buzzards flying overhead and I wanted to see what they did."

Class Showoff

A 17-year-old high school teen from Pa. is accused of opening his pants and masturbating in English class while calling out other students names.

Bad Vibrations at Hazing

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln suspended Sigma Chi fraternity after court documents of a hazing incident revealed that a stripper allegedly penetrated a pledge's rear end with a vibrator.

No Vampires Here

Twilight Movie Poster
Imprint Entertainment
Twilight fever is biting just a little too hard in some places. The headmaster of Boston Latin School is having to step forward to shoot down rumors of vampires roaming the halls. Apparently, things spun out of control when students claimed to be bitten, prompting a visit from police.

Velcro Handcuffs

The NYPD is testing out velcro handcuffs in two dozen New York City Schools as a softer alternative to metal handcuffs. The police say its a softer alternative, and only to be used in extreme circumstances. But the new plan has opponents. "Handcuffing by any other name is still handcuffing, " Donna Lieberman of the New York Civil Liberties Union tells the Daily News.
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