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Weird Political News


With Democrats and Republicans snapping at each other like vicious hamsters, no wonder the political process is so bizarre.

Is This the End of the Road for Newt Gingrich?

Getty Images
Is weird presidential candidate Newt Gingrich really dropping out?

The Weirdest Things You Never New About Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum
Getty Images
Rick Santorum comes across as a fairly straight laced dude... and probably not all that weird, right? Wrong! Get the skinny on the strangest things you never knew about Rick here.

The Weirdest Things You Never New About Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney
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Mitt Romney might seem like a button-tight picture of Mormon normalcy... but he's had a few weird moments he'd rather forget. Find out about some of the strangest ones here.

The Weirdest Things You Never New About Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich
Getty Images
Think you've had some weird ideas? Newt Gingrich not only wants to colonize the moon... but make it the 51st state. Find out more about this and other weird Gingrich moments here.

Obama Urban Legends

Having a black man in the White House has led to a loss of diversity elsewhere: The Snopes list of the top 25 urban legends is dominated by untruths about our president, according to Mediaite.com. For the record, he's still not a Muslim, is still an American citizen and Hawaii was a state when he was born there.

Obama Now a Drug

I know some Democrats who were in the throes of ecstasy last year when Barack Obama was elected president... but now police say they've found actual ecstasy pills in the shape of our leader, according to The Brownsville Herald. He's in really in elite company now: Other pills were shaped like Homer Simpson.

McCain Voters Lost Some Manliness

John McCain
Getty Images
You'd think losing the White House would be bad enough... but a new study finds that young men who voted for John McCain last November lost some testosterone, too.

Barack-sploitation: Obama Vampire Costume Is Halloween Hit

Halloween Express
Is Barack Obama sucking the life out of the Republican party... or is he trying to bleed your health care dry? I'll leave the interpretations up to you... but expect to see this "Barakula" Halloween mask making the rounds on Oct. 31, as I wrote over at AOL News.

Sarkozy's Napoleon Complex?

If this was just a short joke I'd be offended, but since it's about the French, it's just funny. Apparently, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his aides go to great lengths to make sure people don't see just how short he really is, according to the BBC.

Japan's New First Lady Has Been to Venus (or so She Says)

Japan's First Lady
Getty Images
Forget Nancy Reagan and her astrologer. Japan's about to get a first lady who claims her soul rode a UFO to Venus.
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