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Wife Learns of Divorce on Facebook

A 35-year-old British woman says she learned that her husband was divorcing her when she logged on to Facebook. "What upset me the most was not the fact that Neil had written he had ended his marriage, but the comment from a girl in Canada who said: 'You are better off out of it.'" she told British tabloid The Mirror.

Hindu Extremists Vow to 'Attack Valentine's Day Couples'

A group known "Sri Ram Sena," claim they're custodians of Indian culture and vow to attack couples who celebrate Valentine's Day. The threat comes after activists stormed into a bar, beating women who they accused of acting obscenely and "going astray." Some fear the group is becoming a "Hindu Taliban."

'I Want My Breast Implants Back'

Armed with a knife, a jilted man from Calif. attacked his ex-girlfriend, stabbing her several times. The man allegedly wanted back the breast implants that he paid for in better times. “I’m gonna cut ’em out and get em back”, the man's roommate quoted him saying in testimony. The woman's implants, punctured during the attack, have been repaired.

Gay Penguins Marry

Who says China has a poor track record for civil liberties? At least their gay penguins can get married.

The Fur Will Fly

Paul Wood Mug Shot
Photo Courtesy Wayne County Sheriff’s Office
When husbands and wives fight, anything can happen. Paul Wood, 25, faces animal cruelty and criminal mischief charges after throwing the family cat at his wife.

Surgeon Asks Estranged Wife to Pay for Kidney

. . . And the wife must be asking this guy to give back the years she wasted on him.

Penis Biter Arrested

pparently, just saying "No" wasn't enough. Charris Bowers of Deltona, Fla., is charged with biting her husband's penis while performing oral sex.

'His Penis Should Belong to Me'

A jealous wife on trial for murdering her husband by setting his genitals on fire allegedly told neighbors "his penis should belong to me." The woman is charged with dousing her spouse with liquor and setting a match.

46% of Women Perfer the Internet Over Sex

Not tonight, I have to blog. The Wall Street Journal is reporting a survey that finds 46% of women would rather go without sex for two weeks than give up the Internet for that long. Some 30% of all men would swap sex for the Internet for two weeks.

Man Accused of Backing Over His Girlfriend

A 51-year-old man from Ohio man was arrested after he dropped off his girlfriend at her home and then backed the car over her, breaking her leg. He was charged with aggravated vehicular assault.
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