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Body Modification - Weird Body Modification

Bizarre Tales of Cosmetic Surgery, Tattoos and More


Be honest. Isn't there part of you that you would like to change? While some men are getting breast reduction, a record amount are now getting pectoral implants.

London Tattoo Convention

Samon the Tattooed Man
Getty Images
Tattoo enthusiasts from across Europe shared their ink at the London Tattoo Convention. See some of the best images here, including Samon (pictured) and Spiky Bob.

6005 Piercings . . . And Counting

Elaine Davidson
Getty Images
When Guinness named Elaine Davidson the "Most Heavily Pierced Woman" in 2000 she sported 462 pieces of hardware on her body, 192 just on her face. Now, she's punched more than 6,000 holes in her heavily modified body.

Lawmakers Seek Eyeball Tattoos Ban

"The number of people with actual eyeball tattoos in the United States you can probably count on one hand, so it's not a common practice," Kason King of Atomic Lotus Tattoo tells KSBI-TV. But Oklahoma lawmakers don't want to take any chances with ink-in-the-eye body art.

German Brothel Offers Free Lifetime Discount

All you have to do is tattoo the logo of a Cologne brothel on your arm and you'll never have to pay the cover charge at Pasha. About 40 men immediately lined up. "My wife doesn’t mind," one man told a paper. "I save five euros entry, plus the thirty euro cost of a lap dance."

Transgender Man Elected Mayor

Stu Rasmussen for Mayor
Stu Rasmussen for Mayor
If you thought Barack Obama broke down some walls, meet Stu Rasmussen, the new mayor of Silverton, Oregon, who mounted his political comeback in style -- with high heels and breast implants.

'Amputee Wannabes' Dream of Cutting Off Their Limbs

An Australian psychologist has identified three people who have a very rare condition -- Body Integrity Disorder -- in which they feel one of their limbs is not their own, and they become obsessed with cutting it off. "Unless these patients know that doctors will take their concerns seriously, and at least consider their requests, more people will risk their lives trying to remove their own limbs," he says.

Eak the Geek Goes to Law School

If the economy is getting you down and you're looking for inspiration to start a second career, meet Coney Island sideshow legend Eak the Geek, who's giving up glass eating and starting a legal career.

Catty Dennis Avner Named World's ‘Most Modified Man'

Dennis Avner
Getty Images
With tiger-stripe tattoos, synthetic whiskers, and teeth sharpened into fangs, a 50-year-old computer repairman has transformed himself into a jungle cat. He's now the star of London's Ripley's Believe It Or Not! museum.

Man Seeks Career as Human Billboard

Victor Thompson, a 39-year-old tattoo enthusiast from Laconia, N.H., is charging $200 per scquare inch for companies who want to advertise on his skin. "I'm getting paid to do what I like to do best," he tells UPI. Moreover, it's a one-time fee.
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