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Americans Have Little Ones in Look at Size Around the World


Here's some awful news for Americans, displayed on a map.
Penis Size by Country

Penis Size by Country

We have smaller-than-average penis sizes -- and even Canadians report bigger dongs than us.

Canada? Really?

The map from TargetMap.com was created from self-reported data from studies around the world, and this is only a, ahem, little peek at it -- I have the full map here.

But according to the numbers, the 5.1 inches reported by American men is well short when compared to global standards.

Looking at our neighbors, at least until we start fighting them over this study, Canadians reported an average of 5.5 inches while Mexicans come up big at 6.2 inches.

Brits say theirs are 5.5 inches, while Frenchmen must be very proud of their 6.3 inch monsieurs.

For the record, the biggest penises were reported in Congo, with an average of 7.9 inches, and Ecuador, with an average of 6.8.

Colombia, Ghana. and Venezuela all said theirs were 6.7 inches, Lebanon reported 6.6 while Bolivia, Cameroon and Hungary round out the Long Ten with an average of 6.5.

The smallest penis sizes were the 3.8 inches reported in South Korea. Thailand, Cambodia and India all reported 4 inches, Taiwan and the Philippines were at 4.2, while Sri Lanka, Japan and China all said theirs were 4.3 inches.

My friend Jonah Falcon and his record-breaking 13.5-inch penis aren't on the map... but I'm guessing he'd get his own country.

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