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Larry the Cable Guy Does 'Naked Cowboy' Routine


Times Square was once the Skin Capital of the World, with peep shows on every corner.
Larry the Cable Guy Meets the Naked Cowboy

Larry the Cable Guy Meets the Naked Cowboy

Zach Dilgard
In today's Times Square, the only skin you're likely to see comes courtesy of the Naked Cowboy, an undie-clad guitar player known for his endlessly amusing publicity stunts.

And this week, the amount of skin grew considerably as Larry the Cable Guy dropped his own extra-large britches and joined the Naked Cowboy for an upcoming episode of his new History Channel show, "Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy."

In the show, Larry travels around the country to experience what makes us so uniquely American... and I can't think of anything that fits the bill more than the naked cowboy.

Assuming, of course, the bill is clad in tighty-whiteys.

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