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It's a Bacon Kevin Bacon!


Now that it's been done, I have to ask: Why wasn't this done before? Behold! It's Kevin Bacon... made of bacon.
Bacon Kevin Bacon

Bacon Kevin Bacon

J&D Foods
Better yet, this bacon beauty can be yours -- because as Monica Garske writes at AOL News, it's up for sale on eBay with all of the proceeds to go to charity.

The project was the brainchild -- or is that porkchild? -- of What Would Bacon Do? and J&D Foods, the Seattle company that gave us Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, bacon-flavored lip balm and bacon-flavored MMMvelopes.

But if you win this hickory-smoked piece of art, don't plan on eating it.

"Bacon Kevin Bacon has been well-lacquered and will stay tasty for generations to come. He's not edible, just meant to be admired," Esch told AOL News.

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