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This Week in Weird

The Week's Best Weird News Stories


Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky became a national obsession ten years ago this week.

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Updated January 18, 2008

Ten years ago this week, Monica Lewinsky became a household name (while not being welcome in many households). How shall this week be remembered?

  • Hysterical Prudishness: Upset with provocative aerobics classes, Utah students ask local gyms to install blinders. Over in Vermont, a lawmaker calls for a "no rubber testicles dangling on your vehicle" law.
  • Smoke and Liars: New York's one-legged anti-smoking poster boy, who tearfully talks about how he lost a limb and suffered two heart attacks to cigarettes, now admits he's still smoking.
  • Bow Wow: Hungarian scientists are working on software that will analyze barking, a major step toward the goal of dog-human communications.
  • Wheelie Dogs: A New York shelter is training legless Chihuahuas legless pooches to drive toy-sized wagons.
  • Dumb Criminals: One Robber shoots himself in the privates, while an ersatz Catholic priest is found with 7.7 pounds of cocaine under his robe.
  • Finally, it's official: Kids hate clowns, at least according to a nursing survey of child patients (ranging in age from four to 16) that found bozos to be "universally scary."

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