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The Weirdest Things You Never Knew About Mitt Romney


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Does Mitt Romney Have Magic Underwear?
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney wearing a helmet... and possibly magic underwear.

Getty Images
I had to use this picture of Mitt Romney because he won't allow himself to be photographed in his underwear.

But if he did... what would we see?

If he follows Mormon tradition -- and Romney, for the most part, appears to be a traditional Mormon -- he should be wearing a pair of longjohns known colloquially as "magic underwear."

Mormons tend to call it "the garment," and you can see the outlines of the top half in this photo of Mitt Romney over on Buzzfeed, which also has everything you ever wanted to know -- and then some -- about Mormon Magic Underwear.

Err... I mean the garment.

It might seem strange or unfair to ask a Mormon candidate about his undies, magic or not.

On the other hand, he's not the first to face the question: Bill Clinton was asked if he wears briefs or boxers, and he was already president at the time.

"Usually briefs," he admitted to an MTV audience.

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