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Political Distractions

A weird look at politics, civic matters and public issues.

Of Megadeth & Mordor: Rick 'Rooster' Santorum's Weird Journey

The Weirdest Things You Never Knew About Newt Gingrich
You don't spend a career in politics, speaking in front of cameras every single day, without spouting a few weird ideas. See some of the weirdest ever to emerge from the mouth of Newt Gingrich.

The Weirdest Things You Never Knew About Mitt Romney
What's so weird about Mitt Romney? Find out here.

Sara Palin Halloween Hanging
Sarah Palin Hung in Effigy: LAPD decided that it wasn't a hate crime when West Hollywood residents hung V.P. nominee Sara Palin in effigy as part of their Halloween decoration. It was just really bad taste. After several days of controversy, the display was taken down.

Outrageous Protest
How better to express your outrage than to dress outrageously -- or not dress at all? Here's a look at protesters who dress as orangutans, superheroes, and deep sea divers -- and some who protest in the raw.

Will Dan Quayle Dance the Mashed Potatoe?
Rumors are spreading that ABC is aggressively pursuing Dan Quayle for Dancing With the Stars. Perhaps the former vice president who couldn't spell "potato" will triumphantly dance the mashed potato.

Comedy Club Owner: Jackson Should Pay Fine for N-Word
After Michael Richards stunned nightclub audiences by shouting the N-word at black people in the audience, the Laugh Factory imposed a $50 fine on any comic who uses the racial epithet on stage. Now, Jamie Masada, the club owner, says Jesse Jackson should face the same penalty.

Weird Political NewsObama Mania
Barack Obama's historic run at the Oval Office has generated some downright peculiar news. Here's a look at some of it.

Pat Buchanan, Jimmy Carter Hail Gonzo Legend
If Hunter S. Thompson was such a wild, drug-addled freak, who would the likes of Patrick Buchanan on the right and Jimmy Carter on the left both sing his praise?

Bra-Snapping, Seat-Sniffing Politician Refuses to Quit
If Eliot Spitzer need a drinking buddy, he might want to look up Troy Buswell of Australia who tearfully admitted Tuesday that in 2005 he sniffed a female staffer's seat.

Bet Barack: Odds Favor Obama
While the news reporters obsess over the latest polls, the betting on a foreign futures market seems to be the ultimate political indicator. And that's good news for the Dems.

World Naked Bike Race
The World Naked Bike Race calls for protesters to ride through the streets in body paint and not much more, all to raise awareness for environmental issues and and let people know about the harm done by gas-burning motor vehicles.

Election by Ringtone? Baby's Got Barack!
Don't like the way the 2008 campaign is unfolding on TV? How's it playing on your cell phone?

Weird Tax News
Is filing your income tax return getting you down? Check out these weird stories about tax season and the IRS

Single Women Want Obama Naked
Single voters have spoken, and the presidential candidate they most want to see naked is -- drum roll, please -- Barack Obama.

Town of Obama Loves Obama
You don't need to guess which presidential hopeful has caught the imagination of Obama, Japan, but folks there are more than a little motivated -- they're campaigning for him, even though they're not eligible to vote.

Wanted: Interns for Larry Craig
Hey, Kids! Looking for a summer job? You can get some real-life experience with a summer internship at the offices of disgraced Idaho Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig.

Clinton and Obama: The Brangelina Connection
While they're hardly kissing cousins, Barak Obama is distantly related to Brad Pitt and Clinton is a far off cousin of Angelina Jolie.

Spitzer Call Girl Loses $1 Million Nudie Offer
No doubt offers for tell-all books and reality TV show stardom are pouring in. But Ashley Alexandra Dupre's chance for a big-money nude video may have slipped.

Clinton vs. Obama: There Will Be Blood
Just when you thought the political campaign couldn't get any uglier, a man stabbed his brother-in-law over who should get the Democratic nomination for president.

Yikes! Beer Shortage Brewing
Talk about last calls: Brewers are facing a worldwide hops shortage that has left some smaller companies scrambling.

Is Our Children Learning Sex Ed?
Does swallowing a capful of bleach prevent HIV/AIDS? Sadly, some Florida teenagers think so.

Tales Out of School: Weird News From the Classroom
Remember those awkward moments on the school bus? Teachers who made your life miserable? Feelings of alienation on the playground and cafeteria? Times haven't change.

Political Follies: Weird Political News
With Democrats and Republicans snapping at each other like vicious hamsters, no wonder the political process is so bizarre.

Weird Women's Issues: Weird News for (and About) Women
Women need weird news the way a fish needs a bicycle, but some of them just like it that way.

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