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Strange Signs of Armageddon

Is the World Coming to An End?


If you're worrying over the Earth's bleak future, you might want to read these headlines.

Rise of the Sumo Baby

Researchers note an explosion in the number of babies weighing 10 lbs. or more.

World Population to Hit 6,666,666,666 in May

If the repetition of "666" doesn't send chills up your spin, you've never read the Bible . . . or watched "Rosemary's Baby."

Russian Doomsday Cult Calls Credit Cards 'Satanic'

A Russian doomsday cult that has been barricaded into a hillside bunker since last October says credit cards and food packaging bar codes are satanic, and they're warning that the end of the world is at hand.

Israeli MP Blames Gays for Recent Earthquakes

An ultra-Orthodox member of the Israeli parliamentarian is saying that the country's liberalizing laws concerning homosexuals are the reason for recent earthquakes.

Anxious About Earth’s Troubles? There’s a Treatment

For people who feel an acute unease about the future of the planet, a small but growing number of psychotherapists now offer a treatment designed to reduce worries as well as carbon footprints: ecopsychology.
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