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Morbid Pleasures - Strange Stories About Death

Weird News on Life Support


Dying for some graveyard giggles? Here's news to tickle a dead man's funny bone.

He Must Have Really Missed Her

It's never easy letting go. But police say a Vietnamese man dug up his wife's remains and slept with them for five years, according to a report. He originally tried sleeping on the grave... but dug a tunnel to sleep inside it because he didn't want to get rained on. Eventually, he just dug her up and brought her home.

Wrong Casket Brought to Funeral

Mourners at the funeral for Kenneth "Tex" Roberts, held in Philadelphia, had a strong suspicion that something was wrong. The body in the casket didn't look like their deceased loved one... because it wasn't.

Urn Art

Personal Urn
Cremation Solutions
Perhaps you thought Egyptian pharos were the only ones who got to be buried in a statue sculpted in their own image. The age of the sarcophagus might be over, but you can have your cremated ashes stuffed in a Personal Urn -- a $2,600 statue of your head that your friends and family can gaze upon after you die.

No Wienermobile at Oscar Mayer's Funeral

Courtesy of TMZ.com
Oscar Mayer -- the grandson of the lunch meat icon -- is dead at 95. But the hot dog-shaped "Wienermobile" will not make a showing at his funeral.

Tomb Raiders

Seth McCarty 2009 Mug Shot
Hernando County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office
Seth McCarty, 18, and Joel Rivera, 19, were charged with desecration of a grave after allegedly stealing a skull from a tomb at Florida's Spring Hill Cemetery.

Funeral Parlor Sex

Kenneth Douglas Mug Shot
Courtesy Hamilton County (Ohio) Sheriff's Office
"We'll never know" how many corpses 55-year-old Kenneth Douglas had sex with, a prosecutor says. DNA evidence allegedly ties the former Ohio funeral home attendant to the bodies of three women, but the real number might be closer to 100. "This guy's just a pig," the prosecutor tells the Associated Press. "I can't explain why someone would do something like this . . . This is off-the-charts weird."

Man Buys Coffin, Jumps In, Shoots Self

A 52-year-old Montenegrin man paid for a casket in cash, wrote out his obituary, and shot himself in the head. He didn't die, however. The bullet missed his brain. Adding insult to non-fatal injury, the funeral home refused to give him a refund.

Sleepwalker Freezes to Death

With temperatures below zero, a 51-year-old electrician sleepwalked out of his home in underwear. Investigators say alcohol and Ambien may be to blame. H was found 190 feet from his Wisconsin home.

Corpse-Sex Trial Moves Forward

Nicholas Grunke Mug Shot
Grant County (Wis.) Sheriff's Department
Three men will stand trial for trying to dig up a woman's corpse for sex. They were allegedly drawn to her after seeing her picture in an obituary. Strangely, Wisconsin has no law against necrophilia, so they are facing sexual assault and theft charges.

Woman Found Living With Remains of Siblings

A 90 year old Chicago woman clearly has a hard time letting go. The skeletal remains of one of her three dead siblings, all found in her apartment, had been there at least 20 years.
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