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Minor Miracles

Strange but True Uplifting Tales


Tired of all the bad news? Here are some real-life uplifting tales.

Space Turkey for Thanksgiving

I guess astronaut ice cream just doesn't cut it on Thanksgiving. Someone snuck turkey dinner onto the International Space Station, so the crew had a chance to enjoy a traditional freeze-dried and irradiated holiday meal, according to Gizmodo.com. My money's on an inside job.

Mystery Broom

An Alabama town has been swept under the spell of a broom that can stand upright by itself, according to the Press-Register.

Twins With Different Dads

Justin and Jordan Washington emerged from their mother's womb just seven minutes apart, but they have different fathers. Their mother, Mia, apparently cheated on her partner and conceived a child with each man on the same day, within a very short time of each other, a biological million-to-one shot.

Miracle Bra Deflects Bullet

Perhaps you thought only Wonder Woman had bulletproof bloomers.

Amputee Mermaid

Nadya Vessey, who lost both legs to a childhood illness, sent a letter to the special effects company that worked on the Lord of the Rings saga, and now, she's swimming with a mermaid tail.

Saved by a Wig

When a Missouri woman's disgruntled ex-boyfriend took a shot at her, her wig cap stopped the bullet. "The back of my weave, stopped it and it was hanging in my hair," she told police, who agree that she isn't exaggerating. They arrested the man.

Pilot Goes Blind Midflight, Lands Aircraft

Blinded by a stroke midway from Scotland to southeastern England, pilot Jim O'Neill suffered a mild stroke at 5,500 feet and lost his sight. Then, just like in several B-movies, he was talked through a landing.

Disposable Diaper Breaks Fall

An 18-month-old fell from a third-floor apartment window, and before the tot landed splat on the concrete, his diaper snagged on a security spike. "The diaper opened and the baby fell to the ground," a police officer told the Associated Press. "But at a much slower speed."

Armless, Legless Athlete Completes Pittsburgh Triathlon

Craig Dietz -- who enjoys bowling and volley ball despite being born with no arms or legs -- braved the currents of the Allegheny River to finish 275th out of 398 participants in the Pittsburgh Triathlon. "To think that I was ahead of 35 people just blew my mind," Dietz told CBS News. "I would have been happy with 307th, beating one. Not being the last person out of the water would have been a good day for me."

Braces Saves Young Man's Life

A bullet hit Anthony Pittman in the mouth. Lucky for him, his dentist had deployed hardware to straighten his teeth.
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