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Ghosts, Monsters and the Paranormal

Hot on Bigfoot's trail? Running from men in black? Here's where you can chase down close encounters of the strange kind.
  1. Mythical Creatures

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter & Other Things You Didn't Know

Minor Miracles
Tired of all the bad news? Here are some real-life uplifting tales.

Strange Signs of Armageddon
If you're worrying over the Earth's bleak future, you might want to read these headlines.

The Devil Made Me Do It: Satanic News
If you're looking for signs of God and only finding frustration, just remember there are plenty of signs of the devil.

Morbid Pleasures: Strange Stories About Death and Dying
Dying for some graveyard giggles? Here's news to tickle a dead man's funny bone.

David Emery on Urban Legends
About.com's David Emery is your guide to urban legends, wild Internet rumors, hoaxes, and some crazy stories that happen to be true.

Billy Booth on UFOs
Looking for the most best UFO photos of 2007? About.com's Billy Booth fields the call, when an ET is on the line.

Stephen Wagner on Paranormal Phenomena
If your psychic, you already know about Stephen Wagner. He's About.com's guide to ghostly matters, ESP, life after death and the unexplained.

Fortean Times Magazine
For more than three decades, Britain’s Fortean Times has explored ancient rituals, UFO-related murder and cutting-edge science.

Skeptical Inquirer Magazine
These real-life ghost busters take on TV psychics, UFO cults and pseudo-scientists.

Loren Coleman has chased unicorns, swamp monsters and other mythical beasts. In some cases, monsters long believed to be imaginary, have proven to exist.

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