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The All-Time Weirdest Sports of the Summer Olympic Games


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Weird Olympic Sports: Pigeon Shooting
Pigeon Shooting in 1825 (not at the Olympics)

Pigeon Shooting in 1825 (not at the Olympics)

Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Most people think of the Olympic Games as an ancient and noble tradition. I think of it as a clearinghouse for weird sports... like pigeon shooting.

Yes, pigeon shooting -- as in they actually pulled out guns, shot pigeons and they gave out awards for... I don't know... most dead pigeons?

Yes, that's it.

According to National Geographic, the shooters had to kill as many pigeons as they could within a certain amount of time, and anyone who missed twice was automatically eliminated.

Pigeon shooting didn't last long -- it was a "sport" in the 1900 Paris Games, and that's it.

Good thing PETS wasn't around back then.

National Geographic says it was the only time animals were killing on purpose during the Olympics (key phrase: on purpose).

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