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The All-Time Greatest Streakers & Flashers


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Dog Show Streaker Uses Kitty to Cover Up
Dog Show Streaker

Dog Show Streaker

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I've seen a lot of streakers in my time (it's a weird news occupational hazard), but I've never seen one strike at a dog show... until now.

Meet Mark Roberts, a 45-year-old serial streaker who interrupted the 2010 Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham, England wearing only a cat's face over his ruff parts.

Roberts' pedigree includes nude interruptions at events ranging from the Scouseology awards for underprivileged children to the morning weather report.

But at this latest stunt, Roberts told Clickliverpool.com that security did more than just bark at him.

"I was treated like a prisoner of war," he was quoted as saying. "One of the men told another one to 'close the door so we can do him in.'"

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