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Anti-Gravity: Upside Down Streaker Invades Liverpool Soccer Match
The Upside Down Streaker

The Upside Down Streaker

Getty Images
At ballgames, all we ever get are guys who run out onto the field, throw their hands in the air and eventually get tackled (or tasered) by the cops.


Fans in other sports are so much more interesting -- because they run onto the field AND get naked.

And what's better than that>?

This streaker took action earlier this week during a soccer match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield, which sounds like something out of Middle Earth but is actually in England.

Here's what's really interesting about this photo, though -- it's not just that there's a naked man upside down on a soccer field.

It's the soccer player who's peeping up from between his legs.

Not exactly one you want to put in the family photo album... or is it?

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