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The Baseball Hall of Shame: Weird Tales from America's Pastime


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Baseball Hall of Shame: Chewing on Your Bat
Hal Chase

Hal Chase

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Ballplayers have a lot of odd habits, quirks and superstition -- but it's tough to top Hal Chase, who played from 1905 until he was banned from the sport in 1919.

He chewed on his bats.

Not a little. He chewed on his bats so much that he was actually injured when a splinter from one went so deeply into his tongue that a doctor needed to called in to pluck it out.

"Almost every bat we have around our bench has got Mr. Chase's teethmarks on it," the bat boy was quoted as saying according to the new book "The Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown."

"He just sorta gnaws on them."

Chase didn't learn his lesson -- he continued to chew on bats.

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