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Heroes to Zeros: Baseball's World Series Mug Shot Hall of Shame


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Joba Breaks the Rules
Joba Chamberlain

Joba Chamberlain

Police Booking Photo
Joba Chamberlain broke into the majors under a set of rules intended to save him from arm injury... "The Joba Rules." Now, he's finding out that other rules apply to him as well.

World Series history is still being written for this Yankees pitcher, who has just reached his first Fall Classic as the Yankees take on the Phillies.

But in 2008, he and his team missed the playoffs entirely -- setting the stage for a different kind of fall. Joba was arrested in his home state of Nebraska on suspicion of DWI... and ultimately pleaded guilty to drunk driving. During his stop, police dashboard video showed Chamberlain insulting New Yorkers and Yankees icon Yogi Berra. He was sentenced to probation.

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