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Heroes to Zeros: Baseball's World Series Mug Shot Hall of Shame


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Baseball's Heroes to Zeros: World Series Mug Shot Hall of Shame
Police Booking Photos of Baseball Players

Baseball Mug Shots

Police Booking Photos
No one knows how easy it can be to go from hero to zero than a professional athlete. Some of baseball's greatest moments have come in the World Series... yet some of the very people who have played on that grand stage have also known a different kind of fame: notoriety.

That's right... some of the best players on the best teams have shared the spotlight of October baseball... while also sitting under a different kind of light down at police headquarters.

So forget photo day... presented in alphabetical order, here are the images you won't see on a baseball card: the police photos of baseball's accused and convicted criminals in our special World Series edition of the Mug Shot Hall of Shame.

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