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Baseball Hall of Shame II


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Baseball Hall of Shame: Burleigh Gets Surly
Burleigh Grimes (with Babe Zaharias)

Burleigh Grimes (with Babe Zaharias)

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We've all seen a pitcher get mad and a plunk a hitter -- usually one they don't like, one that's recently hit a home run or even a player unfortunate enough to come to the plate right after someone else hit a home run.

I never understood that last one.

But the most incredible beanball story involved a hitter who wasn't even at the plate at the time.

When pitcher Burleigh Grimes was warming up on the mound before the final inning on June 18, 1934, he didn't like how hitter Goose Goslin was watching him from the on-deck circle.

"Goose was so eager to get back up there and bat that he was inching out of the batter's circle," Grimes said, according to "The Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown" by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo. "So I let him have it."

That's right -- he was so mean he didn't just hit intentionally hit a man standing in the on-deck circle. He even admitted it afterward.

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