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Batty, Oddball Sports

We span the globe to give you the best in the wide world of weird sports.
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Nipple Alert! Naked Snow Sledding

Baseball Hall of Shame II
It was one of the strangest moments in baseball history when a ballplayer took on an ostrich in competitive eating.

The Baseball Hall of Shame: Weird Tales from America's Pastime
Hall of Famer Bob Feller is known for a lot of things -- but did you know he once threw a pitch that ended up in his mother's face? Find out how it happened here.

A Stormtrooper's Walkabout Through Australia
A man in a Star Wars stormtrooper costume is walking the 2,500 miles between Perth and Sydney Australia. See photos of his remarkable journey from a galaxy far, far away right here.

Naked Rugby: Streaker Invades the Pitch in Australia
A streaker shows the crowd the full monty at a rugby match in Australia. See it all happen here.

The All-Time Greatest Streakers & Flashers
See the top streakers and greatest flashers ever to invade sports events here.

Soccer Streaker Strikes at Premier League Match
A streaker disrupts the action between the Birmingham City and Aston Villa Premier League match. See it all unfold here!

Cricket Streaker Flashes His... Um... Pride
A streaker brings his naughty business out onto the cricket pitch... not only interrupting the match, but apparently trying to play. Then, he bent over for a final message. See it all here!

New York Towers: Little Basketball Team Aims High
Meet the New York Towers, a dwarf basketball team whose tallest player is 4-feet, 8-inches tall. See the players and their cheerleaders in our special photo gallery.

World Series Mug Shots
Some of baseball's biggest stars, players who have competed for the sport's ultimate prize, have also stood for a mug shot photo. Buck Wolf's Weird News central on America Online looks at the travails of Dave Stewart, Manny Ramirez, Luis Polonia, Dontrelle Willis, Darryl Strawberry, Deion Sanders, Kenny Rogers, Kirby Puckett, Kirby Puckett, Brett Myers, Jim Leyritz, Tony LaRussa, Dwight Gooden, …

Heroes to Zeroes: Baseball's World Series Mug Shot Hall of Shame
No one knows how easy it can be to go from hero to zero than a professional athlete. Some of baseball's greatest moments have come in the World Series... yet some of the very people who have played on that grand stage have also known a different kind of fame: notoriety. See the mug shots of World Series athletes who've also been on the wrong side of a police camera.

What's So Weird About Babe Ruth?
Does Babe Ruth belong in the Weird Hall of Fame? Get the facts here on everything from the called shot to his sex life... and decide for yourself!

What's So Weird About the New York Yankees?
What's so weird about the New York Yankees? Get 25 guys together, and you're bound to have a few oddballs. Check out these odd facts about baseball's most storied team.

Olympic Athletes Go Nude
Every Olympic star has to worry about overexposure. But this year, three of Britain's athletes are taking it to a whole new level.

Weird Olympic News
The 2008 Summer Games throws a spotlight on China. With Beijing going to outrageous lengths to play host to the world, not everything has gone exactly as planned. And, of course, at any gathering of 192 countries, anything can happen.

Weirdest Stories of 2007: Mascot-on-Mascot Violence
In one of the weirdest stories of 2007, the University of Oregon Duck beat up the University of Houston's Cougar, and earned a one-game suspension.

Outhouse Racing
There's no trouble finding the restrooms for spectators of this sport. And why should you be a spectator? Well, when you've got to go, you've got to go.

World Beard and Moustache Championships
A sport that gives new meaning to winning by a hair.

World Pooh Sticks Championship
As the competitors of this sport will tell you, you've never truly been beaten, until you've been beaten with a pooh stick.

World Marbles Championship
How can you call this a kid game if the championship is held in a bar?

World Kickball Association
A proud organization spreading the joys of a game many kids never outgrew.

Combine the brutality of boxing with the geeky-ness of chess and you have what advocates call, "The thinking man's contact sport."

Redneck Games: A Celebration of Mud, Butts and Pigs' Feet
Forget the Olympics, World Cup and World Baseball Classic -- the only competition worth watching takes place every year in Dublin, Georgia. It's the Redneck Games -- the only event to feature watermelon seed spitting, mud pit belly flopping, armpit serenades and toilet seat horseshoes. Go inside the white trash celebration in this special photo gallery.

Air Sex Championships: Men & Women Simulate Their Favorite Positions
It's time to celebrate sex as men and women gather to simulate their favorite acts and positions in the Air Sex World Championships. Forget those...

Magic & Endurance: David Blaine's Greatest Stunts

Nik Wallenda's Tightrope Walk Across Niagra Falls

Hipster Olympics: Where Irony is a Sport

The All-Time Weirdest Sports of the Summer Olympic Games

Hulk Hogan Restaurant
Given the recent surge in the popularity of so-called "breastaurants" -- restaurants known just as much for their bosomy waitstaff as their menu items -- we suppose it was only a matter of time until a celebrity decided to cash in on that trend as well.

This Week In Weird News July 26 2014
A video shows two minutes of Disney characters falling down in the company's theme parks.

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