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Streaker Shows Hayden Panettiere Everything at MTV Awards


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MTV Streaker Chats Up Hayden Panettiere
A Streaker Chats Up Hayden Panettiere

A Streaker Chats Up Hayden Panettiere

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Sadly, the streaker thing was too good to be true. The 24-year-old who ran onto the stage nude as Hayden Panettiere tried to present the best song award admitted it was a setup.

"Yes, it was all pre-arranged," the streaker admitted to his local newspaper, the Belfast Telegraph. "Though, to be fair, about 99 percent of MTV's production people didn't know it was going to happen. It was the writers who came up with the idea of having a streaker as part of a skit. They were looking for an actor, and because I'd talked about going for a casting for Game Of Thrones naked, my name was mentioned. I got a call from MTV on Saturday asking me to come over."

Of course, everyone who goes for casting for "Game of Thrones" has to get naked, right? Would there even be a "Game of Thrones" without nudity?

But let's get back to the show here -- because before he left the stage, the streaker gave Hayden Panettiere -- and the MTV audience -- the full monty, and I have the photo.

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