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Sandy Allen: Big-Hearted Giantess


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Wanted All Over the World
Sandy Allen/World's Tallest Woman/Talkshows

Sandy Allen/World's Tallest Woman/Talkshows

John Kleinman/Cast a Giant Shadow
As the world's tallest woman, Sandy Allen was invited all over the world, and became a regular on TV shows. Traveling in cars and planes became very difficult, as her size led her to back problems and other ailments.

Additional Note: Sandy was born in Chicago. Thanks to Rita Rose for correcting my mistake. Risa is the author of the forthcoming, "World's Tallest Woman: The Giantess of Shelbyville High" (Hawthorne Publishing), due out in October. She and the publisher have established a Sandy Allen Fund scholarship" in her honor, and are asking for contributions.

Rita: I look forward to reading your book. Please let us all know when it's available.

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