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Meet the 2012 Guinness World Record Holders


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The Human Pincushion: German Man Has 453 Piercings
Rolf Buchholz: Most Pierced Man

Rolf Buchholz: Most Pierced Man

Ranald Mackechnie/Guinness World Records
I'd hate to be behind this guy in line at airport security.

Rolf Buchholz, of Dortmund, Germany, is a human pincushion -- he has 453 studs and rings scattered across his body.

You can see many of them right here on his face -- including 94 around his lips, 25 in his eyebrows and 8 nose rings.

But more than half of his many piercings are down south. Way down south in the you-know-where.

All told, he's got 278 piercings in and around his genitals, helping to make him the 2012 Guinness World Record holder for most pierced man on the planet.

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