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Living With the World's Largest Penis

Snubbed for a Part on HBO's 'Hung', Jonah Falcon Looks to Jump Start His Career


Jonah Falcon head shot

Jonah Falcon

© Jonah Falcon

"When I was young my mother bought Piano Man by Billy Joel, and I've bought every Billy Joel album since. From there I learned the other singer songwriter of the 70s and 80s.

"And to this day, I can't listen to 'PacMan Fever' without bursting out into laughter."

That indeed means the man with the biggest penis is a bit of a softy, at least when it comes to his music. And that sort of fits with his sex advice for large men -- be gentle.

"Use the size and sensation of the mass to your advantage," he says. "Change speeds. That's what ladies like."

Big Shoes Mean Big Feet (That's It)

We talked some more and then he tugged at the waistband of his shorts. "So," he says, " Do you want to see it?"

Ummmm, okay, I guess.

And, from about five feet away, I can say Jonah Falcon does live up to all the hype.

But now, what does one say?

"Is it tough for you on hot days," I ask.

"Actually, it's the cold that I don't like," he says.

When I saw Jonah, he was not in a ready-for-action state (and I'm very happy about that). But I saw enough not to doubt his claim to fame.

It was only after leaving Jonah's home that I found out we share one physical trait in common. We both wear size 10-and-a-half shoes. So much for that myth.

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