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Weird News From Asia

Strange, Bizarre Stories From the East


Asia has the fastest grown population, the most robust economies, and some the world's strangest news.

Bras for Men a Big Seller in Japan

Cross-dressing men now have their own line of bras. "Since we launched the men's bra, we've been getting feedback from customers saying 'wow, we'd been waiting for this for such a long time'," says a spokeswoman for online retailer Wishroom.

Thai Leader Forced to Resign Over Cooking Shows

Prime Minister Samak Sondaravej's TV show -- Cooking and Complaining -- has cost him his other job. He tells reporters, "I did it because I liked doing it."

For Vietnamese, Year of the Rat Begins With Lunch

Bird flu and other unexpected changes in Vietnam's food chain and diet have sparked a rodent-eating bonanza. Now, the ratatouille comes with real rats.

Acupuncture Used to Improve Sushi

A Japanese company has patented an acupuncture technique to calm tuna, so that it tastes better. Fish apparently find needles more soothing than hooks.

Japanese Man Finds Woman Living in Closet

When food began disappearing from his refrigerator, a 57-year-old man began to suspect he was not alone. He soon found that a woman had been hiding for months in the storage space of his home, bedding down in a cubby hole.

Indian Girl Born With Two Faces

A girl with two faces is being worship as a deity n Noida, northern India. Doctors say this is a case of a child born with two skulls fused together. She eats from one, while sucking her thumb with the other.

Crucifixion: Bad for Your Health

As Easter approaches, Philippine health authorities are warning people who take part in mock crucifixions and self-flagellation rituals to get a tetanus shot.

Australian Party Animal Turns Pro

A Melbourne teen that caused a near-riot after hosting a party that caused $17,500 in damages. Now, the 17-year-old is turning his infamy into a career.

China Cracks Down on TV Sex and "Weirdness"

The Chinese government is cracking down TV broadcasters, to get them to reject ratings-grabbing "vulgarity" and "weirdness" as the Olympics draws near.

Turkmenistan Ends Ban on Opera and Circus

The Caspian nation's former eccentric leader cultivated an elaborate personality cult during his 21-year rule. Now that he's gone, it's time to send in the clowns and let the fat ladies sing.
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