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Global Madness

Take a look at the wide world of weird with reports and links to foreign news sources and bizarre happenings around the world.

The Naked Festival of Japan
The annual naked festival of Japan where thousands of men strip down to what looks like diapers in search of lucky sticks.

The Weirdest News of 2011
The Weirdest News of 2011: A man implanted an ear in his arm... but not to hear better. It's in the name of art. Find out more here.

Nearly Naked Japanese Celebrate Coming of Age
Leave it to the Japanese -- they know how to throw a party. See a traditional ceremony where nearly naked revelers carry portable shrines into the sea in our special photo gallery

How Sensual Models Sell Cars
As long as cars have been for sales, alluring models have been used to entice buyers. See some of these "Sirens of Chrome" in our special gallery.

Indonesian Tree Man Fights New Growths
A man with a rare genetic disorder has thick bark-like growths on his skin. Meet Indonesia's tree man, who is fighting a new battle with his disease.

Tokyo Nail Expo 2009: The Art of the Fingertip
Love fingernails? Then you'll really love our photo tour of the world famous Tokyo Nail Expo.

Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants Tokyo
If there's one thing Japan doesn't get enough attention for, it's strange places to eat. The book "Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants Tokyo" by La Carmina takes us inside dozens of the most unique restaurants, cafes and clubs in a city known for its unusual haunts. Check out these photos of some of the strangest.

Ouch! That Must Hurt!
In a rubbernecking world, people just can't help but linger over horrible news.

Economic Blues
Good news might be hard to find with the state of the economy being what it is -- but there are a few things you might want to laugh about.

Wax Hitler Decapitated
In the early 1930s, Hitler promised his Third Reich would stand for a thousand years, and in a few years, Germany was in ruins. Wax Hitler’s reign at Madame Tussauds was even shorter.

When Relgion Gets Weird . . .
Here's a collection of strange news items touching the world of faith.

The Wurst: Sausage From Human Blood
Two German air force sergeants are facing court martial for a sausage recipe that called for pork, onions, bacon, spices breadcrumbs, and their comrades' blood.

Austrian Woman Spends Months With Dead Boyfriend
Even a hopeless romantic must admit that there's a time when you have to give up on your boyfriend -- and that time is when he starts to decompose.

Tame Playboy Enters Philippines
You won't see bare-breasted women in Playboy's Philippine edition, which aims to please men but not offend the country's religious community. When asked how much skin the mag would show, a spokesman said, "Maybe one nipple."

Asian Weird News: Weird News From Asia
So much of what we use comes from Asia, here's some things from Asia that might not be so useful.

Wide World of Weird
Nudity, drunkenness, sexual deviance, morbidity, and other behavior all makes for weird news headlines. Here are some of the trends and headlines we've been following.

Reuters Oddly Enough
The world's largest international news agency serves up its daily "Oddly Enough" news on every continent, tracking strangeness all over the globe.

Unusual Asia
A blog that lets you keep up with, among other things, the growing amount of Chinese babies being named “Olympics” in celebration of the 2008 world games. Also reports on coal toothpaste and Shaolin Monks at fashion shows.

From the Fridge: Germany
“Tomfoolery” from the land of lederhosen.

CNEWS Weird: Canada
One of Canada’s leading Internet news companies takes you on a daily strange trip north of the border.

Agence France-Presse
While the French might snub their noses at American wine, they do love an offbeat story. With journalists in 165 countries, AFP produces hundreds of wire stories each day, and Yahoo brings you the news agency’s strangest reports.

A Brit's Eye View of Weird America
The BBC's Collective magazine takes a long view of the United States.

Football Fanatics: Crazy World Cup Soccer Fans
How crazy are soccer fan? See some of the most outrageous football fanatics as they try to outdo each other at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Nude Sports Flash: Athletes Bare All in Naked Rugby Match
Forget the All Blacks -- New Zealand has an even more impressive rugby team. Meet the Nude Blacks, a naked rugby team that's undefeated since 2002.

Stuff You Never Knew About Chipotle Restaurants
Why the decorations in Chipotle are kinda cheap.

This Week In Weird News June 27 2014
The "Finding Bigfoot" team turns up photo evidence of a Sasquatch taken with thermal imagery.

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