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Stiletto Sprint


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Women in High Heels Race for Prizes
Australia's Stiletto Sprint

Stiletto Sprint

Photo © Gaye Gerard/Getty Images
Don't ask why women in three-inch heels and very short shorts compete in Australia's "Stiletto Sprint." It's the same reason people climb Mt. Everest -- because it's there.

Oh, and there's also thousands of dollars in prizes.

At the Sept. 2, 2008, event in at Sydney Australia's Overseas Passenger Terminal, more than 260 women competed, enough to set a world record for 80-meter high-heeled competition.

As the female racers jostled for position, 18-year-old Brittney McGlone of Braidwood -- an Australian hurdles champion -- took top honors, as other women locked arms in solidarity, trying not to kill each other with their killer heels.

Surprisingly, stiletto puncture wounds claimed the lives of none of the racers, although quite a few ladies didn't cross the finish line.

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