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Eccentric Almanac: Strange & Bizarre Events

Looking for the strangest activities and events? This almanac is a rundown of bizarre happenings all over the world.

S&M Heaven: Dominance & Submission at DomCon LA

Stiletto Sprint
Stiletto Sprint: Sexy Women in High Heels and short shorts raced at Australia's "Stiletto Sprint." More than 260 women competed, setting a new world record for high heel racing, and Brittney McGlone won first prize.

Lebowski Fest: A Celebration for 'The Dude'
Lebowski Fest: Fans of the Coen Brothers Classic "The Big Lebowski" gather at festivals in New York, San Francisco and Louisville to celebrate the antics of Jeff Bridges' classic bowling-loving stoner, "The Dude."

Eccentric Almanac September
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Legal Victory for Boobs on Bikes
Once a year, New Zealand gives a whole new meaning to "drag queen" as topless porn stars, transvestites and all sorts of exhibitionists cruise through Auckland. Civic groups tried to stop them, and the battle ended in court.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
The biggest, craziest, most diverse arts festival in the world -- the Edinburgh Fringe Festival -- kicks off in August. In 2008, 18,000 artists will perform at 247 venues in the Scottish city -- and some of the acts are so strange, the defy description.

Coney Island Mermaid Ends Hunger Strike
Coney Island's annual Mermaid Parade once again brought a colorful assortment of free-thinking -- and free-freaking -- New Yorkers. But 2008's parade was a bit different. With the city mulling radical redevelopment plans, the King and Queen of this years parade -- performance artists "Rev. Billy" Tallen and Savitri D. -- led protests to the project. They say the proposed shopping center, high-rise apartment building and condos would forever change this seaside resort.

Kids Juggle Fire (and Clown Around) at the Circus City Festival
Would you let your kids play with fire? They do in Peru, Ind., the home of the Circus City Festival, in which 250 local kids, ages 7 to 21, fly from the trapeze, walk the high wire, and, yes, juggle fiery batons.

Santas and Scrooges: Weird Holiday News
The holidays bring out the best and worst in all of us. Need some prof?

Offbeat Holiday Gifts
'Tis the season to smile awkwardly and kiss the relative who gives you the sweater you'll never wear.

If you're looking for out-of-the-ordinary holiday gifts, these items are sure to light a fire under your yule log.

Kids Play With Fire, Walk on High Wires
Welcome to Peru, Indiana, a place many circuses once called their winter home, and that big tent spirit never died.

Booze, Bikinis and Dirty Fun at Boryong Mud Festival
Every year, a South Korean town of 100,000 residents welcomes millions of people from around the world, who slather themselves in two tons of mud for some good, clean fun.

Two Million Germans Run Wild at Love Parade
Germany's Love Parade, a European version of Mardi Gras, is quickly becoming one of the country's most celebrated events for outrageous behavior. Got an orange wig? You'll fit right in.

Boryeon Mud Festival: Good Clean Fun
The Boryeong Mud Festival is good, clean fun. An estimated 2 million people from around the world converge on this small South Korean coastal city -- just to play in the dirt. You'll find mud slides, mud wrestling, mud sculpture, mud photo contests, among other activities. The other part of the festival is pitching the beauty and skincare products made from Boryoeng City's famous dirt.

Weird Valentine's Day Stories: Love Is Strange
Fools in love are never as foolish as they are on Valentine's Day.

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