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Weird Prison News

Crazy Stories From Behind Bars


PB&J Costs Taxpayers Too Much

The Polk County sheriff says it will save $11,000 a year by switching the jail cafeteria menu from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to lunch meat. Other menu changes: crackers instead of cornbread ($33,304 saved), one slice of bread for breakfast rather than two ($25,116 saved) and one egg patty instead of two fresh eggs ($24,545 saved). Just a thought: Cutting down on crime is another way to save on prison costs.

Pigeons Deliver Drugs to Brazilian Prisoners

With loads so heavy they can barely stay airborne, carrier pigeons have been transporting drugs and cell phones into a Sao Paulo prison. Guards noticed when some birds had trouble getting over the prison wall.

Crook Prefers Jail to Wife

Rather than serve a second year of his sentence under house arrest, an Italian convict has asked to return to jail, complaining that his wife is a nag.

Robbery Suspect Fears Rotting Penis

A man jumped from the second floor of a courthouse in Ghana because "his penis [was] getting rotten" in jail, according to a news website. The man is awaiting trial in jail on robbery charges.

'Snake Man' Slithers Out of Jail Cell

A 19-year-old, 121-lb. prisoner squeezed out of his jail cell through the food hatch on the door.

Crime Doesn't Pay . . . or Feed

In New York City jails, life just got a whole lot blander. No butter. No sweets. And skim milk only.
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