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The Week in Weird Crime & Dumb Criminals: March 27


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Man Accidentally Calls Police on Himself
Michael Gorneau Mug Shot

Michael Gorneau Mug Shot 2012

Southington (Connecticut) Police Department
It's not that unusual for police to get phone calls on crimes in progress. It is, however, pretty unusual to get that call from one of the criminals.

In this case, police in Connecticut say 46-year-old Michael Gorneau accidentally dialed 911 as he allegedly stole 700 pounds of scrap metal from a local business that makes metal doors, according to the New York Daily News.

Police say Gorneau made the accidental call while shimmying under a fence as he tried to make off -- and when all they could hear was rustling sounds, they assumed there was a medical emergency and sent someone to check it out.

What they found was an emergency all right -- an emergency of stupidity.

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