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This Week in Weird Crime: Jan. 31 2013


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The Singing Masturbator
Osmar Hernandez Mug Shot

Osmar Hernandez Mug Shot 2013

Gretna (Louisiana) Police Dept.
Name that tune? Not in this case... but maybe it's because they were a little distracted by the singer.

Police in Gretna, Louisiana, just across the Mississippi River from New Orleans, say they have no idea what 33-year-old Osmar Hernandez was singing when he was found drunk on the city's streets. But they weren't listening so much as watching.

And along with that earful, they got more than an eyeful - because police say Hernandez was naked and masturbating as he sang his little ditty.

Who knows, maybe he's just getting ready for this spring's New Orleans Jazz Festival, but for now, Hernandez has to face the other kind of music: he's been charged with public intoxication and obscenity, according to NOLA.com.

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