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This Week in Weird Crime: Jan. 28 2014


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Old Man Accused of Whacking It in McDonald's Parking Lot
Spencer Toner Mug Shot

Spencer Toner Mug Shot

Lee County (Florida) Sheriff's Department

In New York, seniors are accused of taking up too much space at a McDonald's. In Florida, a senior is accused of doing something else: masturbating.

Police say 79-year-old Spencer Toner was caught in the parking lot of a McDonald's in Bonita Springs, watching porn and masturbating, according to Huffington Post Crime.

A witness told Toner to leave because of children nearby, and called the cops when he didn't. When the cops came, they found Toner with a laptop looking at porn - and when the laptop was removed, they found (surprise!) that his pants weren't where they would normally be for a gentleman out for some McDonald's, according to the report.

Toner told police he was homeless and living in his car, according to news-press.com.

This one gives new meaning to the phrase "Happy Meal."

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