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This Week in Weird Crime: Nov. 21, 2011


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Man Accused in Shake Weight Assault
Jonathan Noe Mug Shot 2011

Jonathan Noe Mug Shot 2011

Tippecanoe (Indiana) Sheriff's Office
Take about a real dumbbell: Police in Indiana say this man beat his girlfriend with a "Shake Weight," the piece of exercise equipment known for the comical motions it causes users to go through.

But there's nothing funny here -- police say 19-year-old Jonathan T. Noe violated a protective order when he entered the woman's apartment and beat her so badly her eyes were swollen shut and four teeth were knocked inward.

Police say her mouth was so swollen she couldn't speak, according to reports cited by the Huffington Post.

He's been charged with battery with a deadly weapon, strangulation and invasion of privacy charge.

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