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The Week in Weird Crime for April 30


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Speeding for Sex: Man Says He Went 111MPH To Get Some
Zachary P. Ramirez Mug Shot

Zachary P. Ramirez Mug Shot

Naperville (Ohio) Police Department
At least it was a good excuse.

Police in Ohio say when they nabbed 21-year-old Zachary P. Ramirez of Naperville (near Chicago) for going 111mph in his 1994 Honda Prelude, he had a ready-made excuse.

he said he was in a hurry to go have sex.

I don't know if he got his sex, but if he did it probably wasn't the kind he expected: Ramirez was charged with going 40 mph or more over the limit, reckless driving, disobeying a traffic control signal and disobeying a stop sign, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Since police say they also found a small amount of pot, he was also charged with marijuana possession after the 2:06 a.m. arrest.

He wasn't the only one with a creative -- and highly biological -- excuse for speeding. Click "next" to see another example.

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