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Police: Ironic 'Breathalyzer Man' Flunks Breathalyzer
Matthew Nieveen Mug Shot

Matthew Nieveen Mug Shot 2010

Lincoln (Neb.) Police Department
Some of us have Halloweens worth remembering... others won't be able to forget them.

Nineteen-year-old Matthew Nieveen falls into the latter -- because when he was arrested on Halloween and charged with driving under the influence and being a minor in possession of alcohol, he was dressed as a big breathalyzer, complete with an "insert mouth here" tube strategically placed over his privates.

That must have gone over well in jail.

Police say it was Nieveen's second DUI offense, according to the Journal Star, which also reported that vodka, beer and Mountain Dew were found in the 1992 Ford F-150 pickup truck he had been driving.

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