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Philly Fan Accused of Intentionally Vomiting on Young Girl
Matthew Clemmens Mug Shot

Matthew Clemmens Mug Shot 2010

Philadelphia Police Department
Some people just shouldn't be allowed out in public.

Philadelphia police say Matthew Clemmens, 21, intentionally vomited on a man and his 11-year-old daughter at a Phillies game last week. He was apparently upset after one of his fellow rowdy fans got the boot from the game, shoved a couple of fingers down his throat and hurled on the man and his daughter.

He also punched the man in the face, according to the Associated Press... who turned out to be a police captain.


Police say fans held the man down -- and one of them gave him that shiner on his left eye -- until the authorities arrived. Clemmens is being held on $36,000 bail.

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