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Animal Sex Tales: Man Accused of Raping 'Christie Brinkley' Dog
Armand M. Pacher Mug Shot

Armand M. Pacher Mug Shot 2010

Miami-Dade County (Florida) Sheriff's Department
A Florida man is accused of having sex with Christie Brinkley... not the 80s supermodel and former wife of Billy Joel, but a Great Dane with the same name.

Police say Armand M. Pacher, 64, told his vet's office that he was sleeping with the dog, and not just to keep warm on a cold night.

"She doesn't seem to enjoy it as much when we have sex," he allegedly said, according to an arrest warrant quoted by the Miami Herald. "Maybe it's because I haven't been as energetic lately and that's why she's not enjoying it.''

The vet didn't think it was so funny -- and says when he found signs of forced sexual activity on Christie Brinkley, he called the cops. The vet told police that the evidence on the spayed dog couldn't have been from a another dog.

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