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Stupid 911 Call: I Need a Ride to Get Booze!
George McMurrain Mug Shot

George McMurrain Mug Shot 2010

St. Johns County (Florida) Sheriff's Office
They say the dumbest call for help is the one you don't make... but that's not actually true.

A Florida man is accused of calling 911 twice to ask for a ride to the liquor store.

Police arrested George McMurrain, 57, at the Budget Inn in St Augustine, Florida, for asking for the ride.

Apparently, that's a misuse of emergency services.

The call was posted on YouTube by WWSB in Sarasota, Florida, this is how the dumb conversation went:

Dispatcher: This is 911.
Caller: I need a... I need a... I need a ride.
Dispatcher: You need a ride?
Caller: To the liquor store.
Dispatcher: Um.

"Um" is probably a better response than I would have come up with. McMurrian also allegedly claimed the sheriff promised him a ride to the liquor store, according to News4Jax.com.

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