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Alleged Amish Sex Crimes: Incest & Pedophilia Down on the Farm
Chester Mast Mug Shot

Chester Mast Mug Shot 2010

Pike County (Missouri) Sheriff’s Department
Who knew the Amish were so kinky?

Proving that you don't need computers or even electricity to be accused of sex with children and animals, there's been a slew of disturbing reports from Amish country, and not the kind that bring in tourists hoping to see how butter is made.

Not that kind of butter, anyway.

This man, 26-year-old Chester A. Mast, is accused of various sex crimes across two states, including statutory rape, statutory sodomy, sexual misconduct involving a child, repeated sexual assault of the same child and incest.

These are felonies, by the way, even for Amish people.

Police say the Curryville, Missouri, man admitted to sex and oral sex with a girl under the age of 17. Police also say Mast also admitted to masturbating in front of a girl under the age of 15, according to Hannibal.net.

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